Super hero kids Training

Preschool - Grade 3

In this fun and interactive program, students collaborate to create an animated character, "Sam," who is learning how to be safe when his/her trusted adult is not present. Together, the class and "Sam" learn how to recognize their feelings, in a given situation, and to honor them. Students are asked to list three trusted adults with whom they can share information. Key message: "Get Away and Tell!" when something does not feel right.

Safer Tweens Training

Grades 4-6

The tweens class builds on the "Get Away and Tell!" message as well as sharing strategies for getting out of an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. The training encourages students to recognize when their "Creep Meter" goes off. Trusting their intuition is key to avoiding unwanted behaviors. Online safety practices are discussed.

Safer Teens Training

Grades 7-8

The teen program focuses on the best ways to recognize and avoid danger, as well as escape tactics - if necessary. Teens learn the importance of knowing how to talk about uncomfortable or high risk situations and whom to tell, even when it is difficult. The program discusses relevant Internet safely and peer pressure issues relating to drugs and alcohol.

Safer young adults Training

High school 

High school programs can be offered as individual classes or as a larger presentation for about 100 students. The training provides young adults with the necessary information they need to recognize dangerous situations, avoid them, and teaches straightforward escape tactics. Current information regarding statistics, real-world scenarios and the impacts of alcohol/drug use are discussed.

For more information on assault prevention and safety programs for all age levels, visit Not Me!