The impact of your donation is beyond measure.

Prevention is powerful.

Your donation directly impacts the lives of students. By empowering children of all ages to speak up and talk to a trusted adult when something doesn't feel right, you are giving kids a voice. Their voice is powerful. It serves as a tool for disruption and change. As a result of this training and encouraging open communication, you are helping to foster a societal shift and reducing the occurrence of grooming behaviors as well as both sexual and physical assault. Together, we can create Super Hero Kids. 


Gifts at any level change the trajectory of a student's life.

$100 - Allows a classroom to rent our 12-minute K-3 training video.

$150 - Affords a classroom or in-home group to offer K-3 video training with our Leader Guide.

$200 - Empower middle schoolers and their parents to avoid assaults by people they know and by strangers.

$500 - Translates our parent guide into a non-English language.

$1000 - Helps to cover a training for over 25 middle schoolers and empower them to avert Internet crime.

$2500 - Covers a training for over 100 high schoolers.

$5000 - Sponsor your local school.

$10,000 - Gift the training to your school district of choice.

Other - Give a legacy gift to increase the safety of children, ages pre-k through high school.