our mission:

To empower every child

with tools to prevent

sexual assault. 

our WHY:

1 in 10 kids will experience

a sexual assault or abuse prior to age 18.

90% by someone they know.  

We provide grants and resources
to schools for personal safety &
assault prevention education.

our Solution:





The estimated annual cost of childhood sexual abuse in the U.S. is $9.3 billion. This trauma affects a person's quality of life. The life-altering consequences to families, children and communities are immense.

We fund evidence-based programs to teach students, grades pre-K - 12 action-based skills to prevent the trauma of sexual assault. Students learn how to "Get away and tell!" and age-appropriate life-long personal safety skills.

We have provided skills to over 17,000 kids and 34,000 parents. 100% of schools visited want to bring the programs back. The supported programs are endorsed by pediatricians, SANE nurses and the Archdiocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul.




Super Hero Kids Foundation is a Minnesota-based 501c3 nonpartisan nonprofit. We support personal safety education resources for schools, students and families. The Foundation was established in August of 2017 to alleviate the funding barrier to allow for in-school prevention education. The training we support is designed to create barriers to assaults and to interrupt abuse.   



Dr. Stephen Lutz

This program is invaluable! Sexual assault is unfortunately very pervasive in our society.  Super Hero Kids has developed an outstanding program that is age appropriate and teaches the skills necessary to avoid this. Many of my patients have taken the class. Parents are enthusiastic and appreciative. Kids can proudly tell me what they learned. I hope every child has an opportunity to take this class to learn these important skills.

Curt Carpenter

I truly believe we are helping to change the trajectory of many, many lives in a positive way. We’re giving kids the tools they need to ensure their physical, emotional, and psychological safety. Thank you so much!

Elementary School Principal - Minnetonka District
Pediatrician - Southdale Pediatrics

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Passionate about prevention? If you are a skillful marketer, advocate, trauma specialist, researcher, social media guru or grant writer, connect with us.

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